Know good, catch bad.

Transaction monitoring models that learn from good behaviour, to catch more bad behaviour.

Rethink Compliance

Focus on the rule, not the exceptions


At Fraud Dynamics we approach financial crime from a clear-cut premise: most people are not criminals. By looking at it that way, we make detection of financial crime more manageable and more effective. So you can catch the bad guys, comply and be in full control. Why lose any more sleep over it?

Detect Anomalies

Find known and unknown threats


We focus on what your data tells you about the behaviour of your good customers, to find suspicious transactions more efficiently. Even when you don’t know yet what the threat looks like.

High Security

Higher detection rates of known and unkown financial crime.

Designed for Change

Automated model generation and updates.

High Integrity

Explainable AI models for full transparency.

Less noise

Reduce alerts by 80% on average.

Less Emplyee Turnover

Claim handlers spend less time on false positives and investigate actual crime.

Value-Based Compliance 

The value is in the model, not the system


Our models automatically identify previously hidden patterns and translate these – while matching them with your regulatory and business requirements – into a white box model.


Automated machine learning to detect anomalies.


Single view panel for efficient alert management.

No Complex Migrations

Deployed in your existing architecture


We feed our models into your existing platform. They can be complemented with your in-house or external expertise and lists. Together we are stronger.

Direct Results

Average 80% improvement on both true and false positives


True positives become more granular findings, which creates higher certainty and more focused case management.

Quick Validation

Start with a low-touch pilot.

A pilot can be quickly and easily set up with minimal IT impact and no need for on-site presence. We’ll show improvement potential on your actual data. The results can be implemented directly with quick return on investment.


Built by industry experts, delivered by quants

Fraud Dynamics combines global experience in financial crime prevention with thought leading quants.

Sjoerd Slot

Co-founder, Product

Valeria Jones

Machine Learning

Michael Attard, Phd

Machine Learning

Advisory Board

Vetted by executives

We’re supported by an experienced network in the financial industry and law enforcement globally.

Victor van der Kwast

Former ABN Amro Executive

Fred Teeven

Former State Secretary of Justice of the Netherlands

Where to find us

We are located centrally in The Netherlands in beautiful Leusden. Our partner network spans the globe. 

Head Office: Leusderend 14, 3832 RC Leusden, The Netherlands

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Discover the possibilities


Let’s explore how we can help increase the value of your compliance while decreasing noise and costs.

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